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Animal Lamps - A Fun and Creative Way to Add Character to a Room

Animal Lamps - A Fun and Creative Way to Add Character to a Room

Animal lamps are a fun and creative way to add character, texture and color to kids rooms or areas of the home where a theme design is desired.animal lamps They also work as night lights and bring a playful element to a space that is both decorative and functional.

There are so many great options to choose from in this collection of animal shaped lighting.animal lamps Some designs are a little more realistic and others are fun and cartoonish. You can find an elephant lamp to suit a safari themed room, a giraffe light to accent a Scandinavian inspired nursery or even a whale lamp to accentuate a coastal design.

Whether you prefer something traditional or modern, there's sure to be an animal shaped light that fits your needs and aesthetic.animal lamps These novelty lamps come in a wide range of colors, finishes and shapes so they can fit into just about any decor style. Gold and silver designs are a perfect fit for contemporary homes, while black and white options can be used in more monochrome or minimalist decor.

For a more traditional design there's a cute little rabbit lamp that would work well in a baby nursery or kids bedroom. There's also a more contemporary option in the form of this fox lamp. With its gold fox base and tiny bumblebee toppers it's got plenty of personality to add to a kids space or even a living room.

Other animal designs include a dog lamp that's just plain adorable. This fun design by Egle Stonkute is laser cut plexiglass and can be adjusted to sit up straight, lie down or get in the "let's play" position. There's also a fun and quirky cat lamp that can climb, stretch or even sit up like your typical feline friend. And lastly, you can't forget a rockin sockin paper parrot light that's activated by touch or a breeze.

These animal shaped lights are so much fun and they're sure to brighten up any kids room or space that needs a bit of a pick me up. They also make the perfect gift for any child's birthday or baby shower.

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