Brand Story

Exclusively Ours: Ninety Minutes Every Night
The story of NINETY NIGHT began with a yearning for light and warmth. One night, the founder sat at home, gazing at the starry sky outside, pondering how to bring more comfort and warmth to people's lives. Thus, he decided to establish a brand focused on lighting design, so that every household could have a unique lamp, adding a touch of beauty to their living spaces.

The name NINETY NIGHT derives from a love for the night, symbolizing the precious ninety minutes that belong to us each night. We hope that each lamp can bring warmth to your nights, guiding you through the darkness.

With the core philosophy of "unique design, outstanding quality," we treat every lamp as a work of art, meticulously crafted. Our team of designers constantly explores innovation, blending fashion trends with artistic inspiration to create lamps that are both distinctive and imbued with warmth.

The development of NINETY NIGHT is inseparable from the hard work of all employees and the support and trust of every customer. We will uphold our original intention, continue to move forward, and create more wonderful and unique lamps for you, so that every family can enjoy the light and warmth brought by NINETY NIGHT.

At NINETY NIGHT, we believe that every night tells a heartwarming story, and our lamps will add more color and warmth to this story. We look forward to creating more beautiful nights with you!