About Us

  • Company Overview

As a leading lighting supplier in the United States, NINETY NIGHT take pride in offering exquisite, high-quality, original design lighting fixtures. We specialize in providing Retail services to individual buyers and Wholesale or Dropshipping services to lighting sellers worldwide.
With over 10 years of development, we have steadily grown in the global market and established offices and warehouses in China in 2015 to provide more convenient and efficient services to our global customers.

  • Product Features

We are committed to providing a diverse range of lighting options, spanning indoor, outdoor, camping, and courtyard applications. As an industry leader, our products are renowned for their unique original designs, high-end craftsmanship, and diverse styles, including industrial, vintage, cute, and modern, catering to the varied aesthetic preferences of our clientele.


  • Our Professional Team
Our professional team comprises various departments, including research and development, production, quality control, operations, sales, logistics, and after-sales service. Committed to continuous innovation and research, our team ensures product quality and innovation. We also prioritize environmental protection and sustainable development, actively promoting energy conservation, emission reduction, and resource recycling throughout our production and operations.

  • Committed to High Quality

At NINETY NIGHT, we deeply understand the importance of quality and reputation. Therefore, every lamp in our collection is carefully selected to ensure excellent quality and unique design. Our goal is for customers to discover the beauty of lighting at NINETY NIGHT, experience the unique charm of light and shadow, and make their living spaces warmer and more comfortable.

  • Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible enterprise, we actively participate in philanthropic activities, contributing to societal well-being. Over the years, we have forged strong partnerships with individual buyers and lighting distributors worldwide, providing them with quality products and services, and earning a solid reputation and trust.


  • Choose NINETY NIGHT, Taste Life
Choosing NINETY NIGHT means getting more than just a lamp; it's about experiencing a lifestyle. We will continue to strive to bring you more surprises and warmth, making your living space shine brighter!