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Lighting Needs in Outdoor Camping

Lighting Needs in Outdoor Camping

Whether you're backpacking to your campsite or car camping at a developed site, having the right lighting is essential to enjoying your trip, lighting needs in outdoor camping. A good light source helps you navigate trails at night, address any concerns or emergencies in the dark and gives you a brighter option for reading, cooking or playing games. Depending on your needs and if you are backpacking, you may need a lightweight and portable torch that won't take up too much space in your pack while also providing a bright enough light for your campsite. Alternatively, you might need to invest in a lantern that offers more area coverage and can be hung from a pole or the roof of your tent.

If you are car camping, you have more options for a light source than if you're backpacking. Lighting needs in outdoor camping lanterns offer more light coverage and brightness than flashlights, but they can be heavier or bulkier than some backpacking options. Considering the size and weight of your pack as well as your power source or fuel source is important when choosing the ideal lantern for you.

You may also want to consider how many lights you'll need in your campsite. Lighting needs in outdoor camping, a general rule of thumb is to have one light for every person in your group, but it really depends on your camp's specific needs and activities. A flashlight or headlamp with a high lumen rating is great for navigation, while low-lumen lights can provide more subtle lighting around your campsite.

Flashlights that have a variety of lighting modes, like strobing or a candle flicker mode can add to the ambiance in your campsite while still giving you sufficient brightness for tasks. Look for a flashlight that has a rechargeable battery or can be used with disposable batteries to keep the cost of replacements down.

For a more decorative option, you can opt for string lights to hang around your campsite. These can be purchased in a range of lengths, colors and styles to suit your campsite's decor. They are typically battery-powered and easy to install by attaching them to trees, tents, awnings or other structures.

If you prefer to go green, a solar or wind-powered lantern is an excellent choice for your camping trip. For example, Black Diamond's Moji lantern is solar powered and collapses down to save space in your pack while offering different modes, including a candle flicker mode and a soft glow for ambiance. It has a rechargeable battery, a micro USB charging port and a handle that clips on to items in your tent for hands-free lighting. This light also comes with a warranty against damage so you can rest assured it's a quality product. Other notable features include water-resistant construction, durable plastic casing and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to operate the light. The Moji also has a handy carrying case to protect the light in your backpack or bag.

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