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LED Wall Light Sconce Chameleon Night Light Table Lamp Unique Charms

LED Wall Light Sconce Chameleon Night Light Table Lamp Unique Charms

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Brand: Ninety Night
Shape: Chameleon
Lamp Type: Wall Light, Sconce, Night Lights, Table Lamps
Installization Type: Tabletop, Wall Light
Size: 17*9*5 (cm)
Material: ABS, Resin
Special Feature: Unique Chameleon Design
Light Source Type: LED
Light Color: Warm
Power Source: Plug-in
Remote Control: Unavailable
Packing: Box
Delivery Time: 4-12 Working Days
Room type: Kid Room, Gaming Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Bar, Cafe, Hotel, Bookstore, Office
Applicable Occasions: Traveling, To Go, Children's Day Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Valentine's Day Gifts, Anniversary Gifts


Introducing our Chameleon-shaped Wall and Desk Lamp – a whimsical blend of creativity and eco-friendly materials that brings a unique charm to any space. Crafted from biodegradable ABS and resin, this lamp not only showcases a delightful design but also supports environmental sustainability.

Perfect for children's rooms, bedrooms, studies, dining areas, living rooms, game rooms, hotels, coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and offices, our Chameleon-shaped Lamp adds a playful yet stylish touch to any setting.

Whether you're searching for a housewarming, wedding, birthday, anniversary, Children's Day, business occasion, graduation, or retirement gift, our Chameleon-shaped Lamp is sure to impress as a thoughtful and imaginative choice.

Illuminate your space with the enchanting glow of our Chameleon-shaped Lamp and let its whimsical design spark joy and wonder in any room.

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